12 Things You Didn’t Know About Car Wraps


12 Things You Didn’t Know About Car Wraps

Every time you see an “awesome paint job,” is it actually paint? Nowadays, car wraps have become more and more popular, as people see how amazing and innovative it is. With more and more celebrities get crazy designs on their car (Deadmau5 got the “nyan cat” wrapped onto his car) people get intrigued. Here are some of the cool things to know about car wrap.


  • It doesn’t damage your paint
  • Can be taken off without any problem
  • There is little to no risk in using wraps
  • There are two types of wrap films: Calendered and Cast. Calendered is very thick and has very strong adhesive. Most places do not recommend using Calendered because after a short period of time it will begin to shrink around the bumps and crevices of the car and can lead to bubbles.
  • Wrapping is not as permanent as painting a car. If you decide you don’t like the colour or the design, you can take it off and start again.
  • A wrap will normally last more than four years if you maintain it. Most 3M companys have a seven year warranty.
  • There are two brands: 3M and Llumar. Here at Legion Wraps we use 3M because of the quality. Although it is more expensive, in the long run it can be worth it. Llumar is still a very good material, but we will forever stand by with 3M.
  • If you don’t want to wrap your whole car, you don’t have to. Here we can do both partial and full car wraps.
  • Wraps can be salvaged after a wreck or inexpensively replaced if it’s a small part.
  • The cleaning is the same as any other car. Just because it has a wrap doesn’t mean you have to suffer to keep it clean.
  • Although a wrap can protect your original paint job, it can’t protect you from a big rock persay.
  • Looks cool, nothing to say about it.


As you contemplate what to do with your car and how to make it cooler. Think, how awesome it would be to have it wrapped. It’s no stings attached, cool. Be wise about who you choose to do it, but more importantly, have fun with your car. Be happy and be proud to call it yours.

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