Celebrities With Car Wraps


Celebrities With Car Wraps

Still not sure if you want to get your car wrapped? Are you looking for a sign? Well here it is. Here are celebrity cars worth thousands of dollars with awesome car vinyl. Please keep in mind that these are celebrities, and they will sometimes do very crazy things.


Ollie Locke, being as patriotic as he is, just had to get the UK flag wrapped on his car. Then again, when you love your country, why not show it.


Flo Rida has always loved attention. Turning his Bugatti into Gold, you can’t help but stare as it drives past you.


Some may remember Sylvester Stallone as Rocky or Rambo, but in the car industry, we remember him for his crazy awesome car wrap. It’s amazing how this car wrap portrays his personality so well without being too much.


Back in 2011 when the Nyan-Cat was cool, Deadmau5 still keeps it real. Having wrapped his ferrari and named his car the “purrari” people can see him driving around in California.


Many of these wraps are insane and outgoing. Although they may be a little different, they are still good. Most don’t realize that car wraps are just a way to express yourself. Some people like to get their car blacked out *cough, Justin Bieber, cough* and other like to have a rainbow on it. Regardless, they are happy, and that is what you should be with your car.

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