How to Take Care of Your Car Wrap


How to Take Care of Your Car Wrap

After having spent so much on a car wrap, you want it to last as much as possible. On average it can last a little bit more than five years. If you take care of it, you can make it last up to 7 years. Here are some of our tips on how to clean and maintain your car wrap.


Washing. When you wash your car, do not use harsh chemicals, I recommend just to wash it by hand. Some even say using regular dish soap will do the trick just fine. I suggest you wash your car regularly (once a week), if you don’t, dirt can pile up making it harder to take off, making you use harsher chemicals.


Drying. Let it air dry. If you are in a hurry you can use a microfiber cloth, but we advise to let it air dry.


Spills. Don’t spill any fuel or corrosive chemicals on it. If you do, make sure to clean it up with the appropriate substance, and as soon as possible.


No Wax. Do not, by any  chance put wax on your vinyl, it will cause it to deteriorate, ruining it. Before you put any chemicals onto your car, read what’s on the label (Do not use solovants or oil based chemicals). If you want to check it, put it on a small section of the vinyl that won’t be noticed, if you see that everything is still okay, you can use it.


Stains. If you’re dealing with bird poop or any other difficult stain , soak it with warm water and then scrub it off with a soft cloth.


Parking. Try and keep the car in a shaded, or better yet an enclosed spot, as much as you can. Keeping it outside makes it susceptible to pollen, dust, rain, smug.


Hopefully, by following these tips, your car wrap will last more than five years and will look like new every day!

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